US$1 Billion Green Cement Plant Planned for Zimbabwe


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Sharleen Mohammed

Harare: West International Holdings, in collaboration with Labonmon Investments (PVT) Ltd, has unveiled plans for a US$1 billion green cement plant in Zimbabwe.

The project aims to address climate change concerns while meeting the growing demand for cement and building materials in the country and the construction of the plant is expected to be completed within two years.

The project is centered around four key themes: intelligence, environmental protection, green initiatives, and technology.

West International Holdings and Labonmon Investments recently signed an agreement to construct the cement plant, which is estimated to have an annual output capacity of 2.7 million tonnes.

West International Holdings president Mr Wangu Fayin said the project will help fill the local demand gap for high-quality cement and calcium white ash, reducing the need for imports and foreign exchange expenditure on clinker and white ash.

“The project upon completion will be expected to fill the local demand gap in the market high quality cement and higher calcium white ash reducing foreign exchange expenditure caused by import of clinker and white ash while meeting the infrastructure construction demand,” said Mr Fayin.

Additionally, the project aims to meet the growing infrastructure construction requirements in the country.

Mr Fayin emphasised the company’s commitment to advanced, intelligent, and green high-quality projects.

The decision to invest in Zimbabwe was driven by the significant market potential and dynamic growth prospects in the infrastructure sector, as well as the demand for cement and building materials.

In terms of job creation, the project is expected to generate employment opportunities for over 5,000 members of the local community.

“The project will create employment for more than 5000 local community and residents are expected to go through training for various job skills needed for the project as it commences until it’s completion and beyond. Residents will not be displaced from their place of residence,” he added.

West International Holdings, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-listed company, has a strategic presence in several countries, including Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Angola, and Central Asia.

The company’s investment in Zimbabwe aligns with the goals of the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) and is expected to contribute to the country’s economic development.

The US$1 billion green cement plant project represents a significant investment in Zimbabwe’s infrastructure and sustainable development.

It is anticipated to have positive impacts on the local economy, job creation, and the reduction of foreign exchange expenditure.

The completion of the project will further strengthen Zimbabwe’s position in the regional cement industry and support the country’s efforts in mitigating climate change.

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