First Pack Discount Festival Draws Massive Crowd as Customers Enjoy Back-to-School Savings


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DT Correspondent

Harare:  First Pack, a leading provider of stationery, textbooks, sports equipment, and ICT products celebrated the successful conclusion of its discount festival promotion with a grand event on Saturday.

The festival, aimed at providing valued customers with back-to-school savings and exciting promotions, attracted a large crowd and featured a range of activities for families to enjoy.

Speaking at the event, Mr Chisodza Winston, the General Manager of First Pack, expressed his gratitude to the local customers for their unwavering support over the past 25 years.

He highlighted the significance of the event as a symbol of the company’s resilience and commitment to its customers.

“The success of today’s event is a testament to the loyalty and support we have received from our customers over the past quarter-century,” said Mr Winston.

“We organized this festival to show our appreciation and provide an opportunity for customers to take advantage of incredible discounts and promotions.”

The discount festival promotion drew an unexpectedly large number of people to the First Pack business park on Seke Road. Customers flocked to the venue in search of discounted stationary, textbooks, sports equipment, and ICT products as they prepared for the new school year.

Ms Fiona Magaya, the Marketing Manager of First Pack, highlighted the various events and prizes that were part of the day’s festivities.

Customers who made purchases worth at least US $50 were eligible to participate in a draw, with winners selected from each province across the country.

“Our aim was to reward our customers for their patronage by giving them a chance to win fantastic prizes,” explained Ms Magaya.

“We had an overwhelming response, and we are thrilled to announce that each province had five lucky winners. The prizes ranged from refrigerators and stoves to televisions and computers.”

The discount festival and its associated activities not only provided customers with substantial savings but also created a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for families.

The event marked a successful conclusion to First Pack’s back-to-school campaign and showcased the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

As First Pack continues to serve as a reliable supplier of essential educational and office supplies, the discount festival serves as a testament to its dedication to offering quality products at affordable prices.
With the overwhelming response received this year, it is clear that the First Pack discount festival has become a highly anticipated event among customers seeking exceptional value for their back-to-school needs.

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