Govt Slams Mzansi Express for Reckless Driving


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DT Correspondent

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Felix Mhona, has strongly criticised Mzansi Express, a cross-border bus company, for reckless driving that endangered the lives of passengers and other road users.

The incident, captured on video and widely shared on social media, shows a Mzansi Express bus attempting to overtake a haulage truck carrying highly flammable gases on a two-way lane with a single lane, narrowly avoiding a collision with two oncoming cars.

In response to the incident, Minister Mhona vowed to take action against the company and emphasized that the government will not hesitate to withdraw operating licenses if necessary.

“The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development has noted with great concern the video circulating on social media, which captures a near accident involving a cross-border bus belonging to Mzansi Express, a haulage truck carrying highly flammable gases, and other motorists.

“This video clearly shows traffic law violations and actions that breach Sections 51, 52, and 53 of the Road Traffic Act [Chapter 13:11] which prohibit driving without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for others, negligent or dangerous driving, and reckless driving,” he said.

The Minister also pointed out the alarming statistics related to road traffic accidents, stating that between 15th and 26th December 2023 alone, 87 people lost their lives and 424 were injured due to such incidents.

He stressed the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action to prevent further harm.

Minister Mhona announced that the driver of the Mzansi Express bus will be prosecuted based on the evidence presented in the video.

Furthermore, he highlighted the government’s commitment to enforcing road safety measures, including the installation of speed limiting and monitoring devices in public service vehicles (PSVs).

The recently promulgated Statutory Instrument 118 of 2023 mandates the installation of these devices, aimed at curbing over-speeding and protecting commuters and other road users.

These measures align with the targets outlined in the National Development Strategy 1 (2021-2025), which aims to reduce road accidents and fatalities by 25 percent annually.

He also said his Ministry will take decisive action against those who brazenly violate road traffic rules and regulations.

The incident involving Mzansi Express has sparked public outrage, with many calling for stricter enforcement of road safety regulations and increased penalties for reckless driving.

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