Zanu PF Youth League Talks up Zim-China Relations


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Digital Telegraph Correspondent

ZANU PF deputy youth league secretary John Paradza says the long-standing cordial relations between Zimbabwe and China are opening employment opportunities for local youth and fostering national economic growth.

Speaking during the 8th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Ministerial Conference (FOCAC) 2024 currently underway in China, Paradza said the positive relations between China and Zimbabwe were facilitating industrialisation.

“This gathering stands as a testament to the enduring and ever-strengthening ties between our two countries; a relationship rooted in mutual benefit and respect, shared aspirations and collective progress.
“As we converse here at the 8th FOCAC Ministerial Conference let us take a moment to reflect on the gains thus made and the potential that lies ahead.

“The collaboration between Zimbabwe and China has yielded remarkable results and with continued cooperation, we can even make greater strides,” Paradza said, adding:

“The youth empowered and inspired by initiatives like the Youth Festival will undoubtedly play a key role in shaping a shared future for our nations.

“As a youth leader, I highly regard this framework as it sets the tone in opening up avenues for economic growth with increased concentration on the manufacturing sector and realising industrialisation and economic diversification with agenda 2063 in mind.”

Paradza said the two countries’ relationship was fostering economic growth.

“Although our nations are miles apart in terms of geography we feel that our political parties, countries and two people are close in heart also dating back to the days of our liberation struggle.

“I hope this conference will allow for an in-depth exchange of ideas and mutual learning between our countries and the sharing of our best practices as we seek to move towards economic freedom.

“As a sign of mutual respect and also enhancing our cordial relations a high-level delegation led by our Finance minister Mthuli Ncube paid a long week visit to China in March 2024 in a bid to attract more Chinese investment to Zimbabwe.

“The visit saw our delegation engaging in vast exchanges with Chinese government officials and business heads underscoring the immense potential for enhanced collaboration in mining, agriculture and tourism sectors,” he said.

The deputy minister of the Environment added that the continuous engagement between Zimbabwe and China would strengthen and deepen the strategic cooperative partnership.

“The visit to Zimbabwe in March 2024 by Comrade Jiang Xinzhi, a senior official of the Chinese Communist Party is a testament to the long-standing cordial relations our two countries continue to enjoy.

“Zimbabwe and China have always aimed to strengthen and deepen high-level exchanges and experiences in party and state governance and promote further in-depth development of the China-Zimbabwe comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

“His visit was a follow-up on the crucial agreements reached by President (Emmerson|) Mnangagwa and President Xi Jinping which encompassed various sectors including infrastructure development, trade, investment and cultural exchanges all aimed at enhancing the socio-economic fabric of Zimbabwe and further solidifying our partnership with China.

“The reception also underscored the importance of these agreements and the commitment of both parties to ensure their successful implementation.

“It not only reinforced the strategic partnership between China and Zimbabwe but also demonstrated our shared resolve to work hand in hand towards achieving our common goals,” Paradza said

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