“Remain Peaceful, SA”: ZANU PF Member Urges


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Digital Telegraph Correspondent

ZANU PF’s long-serving member, Jimayi Muduvuri, said that South Africans should maintain the current peaceful environment during today’s elections, as the polls impact the region.

Muduvuri said that South Africans should exhibit the highest tolerance and maturity by shunning violence.

“South Africans are going to the elections today; they must vote in a peaceful manner. These elections must be conducted in an orderly and tolerant manner because we are Africans. As Africans, we are known for our Ubuntu/Hunhu, and they must learn from our last year’s general elections.

“If the elections are marred by violence, it will have a negative impact on Zimbabwe and SADC as a whole. Zimbabwe and South Africa are separated by colonial boundaries, and any violence that might happen during the polls and soon after is definitely going to have a huge impact on us.

“I want to urge our sister Republic to behave themselves so that there is no interruption of activities between the two countries and SADC at large,” he told the Daily News.

Muduvuri reiterated that South Africans should not vote for opposition political parties, as this paves the way for Western imperialism.

“Above all, I want to repeat my position that South Africans should not vote out the African National Congress (ANC), opting for opposition parties on the basis that they are doing it for democratic values. Voting out the ANC will be a betrayal of the liberation struggle and the sacrifices that were made by our forefathers. South Africans should emulate what we have done as Zimbabweans by voting for ZANU PF.

“These opposition political parties do not bring anything to the table, except pushing the Western imperialism being peddled by Western countries. As Africans, we must remain focused and united by not voting for opposition political parties because our forefathers will be watching us from their graves,” he further told The Digital Telegraph.

Muduvuri added that as Africans, we should not betray the values and sacrifices of the liberation struggle.

“They will cast a bad spell on us if we betray them. South Africans should honour and respect them by voting for the ANC rather than the opposition parties, as they have nothing to offer us except Western ideology, which is totally irrelevant to us and not applicable to us.

“South Africans should not betray what we have given by our forefathers to Western countries through opposition parties. As Africans, we must defend what is ours by maintaining former liberation movements in power while we are developing our countries and continent brick upon brick and stone upon stone, like what President Emmerson Mnangagwa has always been advocating,” he said.

This comes as pre-poll surveys have suggested that support for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s long-governing African National Congress (ANC) could drop to below 50 percent for the first time since the former liberation movement came to power three decades ago.

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