Rushwaya Endorsed as president of ZMF


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DT Correspondent

Harare: The Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) Executive has unanimously endorsed Ms Henrietta Rushwaya as the President of the organisation, according to its Secretary General, Mr Morgan Mugawu.

During a meeting held in Harare on November 24, 2023, the motion to support Ms Rushwaya’s Presidency was raised by ZMF Midlands Province Chairperson, Mr Makumba Nyenje, and seconded by ZMF Mashonaland Central Chairperson, Ms Christine Munyoro.

In a communique on Friday, ZMF said the motion received full support from the National Executive and was further backed by Mr Darlington Ndlovu the Secretary for Youth and Mrs J. Mazivazvose, the Women Secretary.

“The Midlands Province, led by Chairman Mr Makumba Nyenje, initiated a motion to support the Presidency of Madam Rushwaya, which was then seconded by Ms Christine Munyoro from Mashonaland Central.

“The motion was unanimously supported by the Youth and Women representatives, Mr. Darlington Ndlovu and Mrs J. Mazivazvose, respectively, as well as the remaining six Provinces.

“Based on these recommendations, the ZMF National Executive fully endorses the Presidency of Madam Henrietta Rushwaya as ZMF President,” stated Mr Mugawu.

The endorsement of Ms Rushwaya’s Presidency by the ZMF Executive signifies a unified support for her leadership within the organization.

As the newly endorsed President, Ms Rushwaya is expected to guide and represent the interests of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the mining sector in the country.

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation is a crucial body that represents the collective voice of small scale and artisanal miners in Zimbabwe.

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