Elderly Resident Locked Out: Shocking Abuse Uncovered at Old Peoples Home


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DT Correspondent

Harare: – In a scandalous turn of events, Frederick Caley Cottages Old People’s Home in Arcadia has come under fire after leaked pictures exposed the mistreatment and neglect of its elderly residents.

The shocking images depict one elderly tenant, Veronica Johnson, being locked out of her accommodation overnight, a distressing incident that sheds light on a deeper problem of abuse within the institution.

Ms Johnson’s ordeal is just one example among many that have plagued Frederick Caley Cottages.

Sources from within the facility have revealed a long history of maltreatment and mental anguish suffered by vulnerable residents.

In fact, rumors of underground abuse have circulated for some time, suggesting that Ms Johnson’s experience is merely the tip of the iceberg.

This recent incident follows a contentious Annual General Meeting held at Arcadia Hall, during which the Chairperson, Mr Ron Christian, faced intense scrutiny from residents.

They accused the board, led by Christian, of gross mistreatment and negligence towards those entrusted to their care.

Adding to the mounting concerns, another resident, Ms Ella Rodriguez, received a shocking eviction notice due to rental arrears totaling US$280 for October and November.

The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that anonymous insiders have felt compelled to come forward and expose the dire conditions prevailing within the institution.

One source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, expressed outrage at the management’s callousness, stating:

“The management has shown no remorse whatsoever. It is unthinkable that these vulnerable individuals, who should be receiving proper care in their old age, are subjected to such deplorable treatment.

“This has been going on for far too long, and it is high time that authorities launch a thorough investigation into the matter.”

Another anonymous resident, fearing reprisal, confirmed the distressing conditions, saying:

“I have witnessed numerous elderly individuals complaining about their living conditions at the institution.

“When we raise concerns with the management, we are met with hostility. My aunt, whose identity I must protect, was cruelly dismissed from the facility and now lives in appalling conditions with her daughter-in-law. It is evident that the management lacks any compassion at all.”

This publication has obtained the latest images of an elderly resident forced to sleep in the open, leaving no doubt about the severity of the situation.

Yet, insiders reveal that Ms. Johnson’s case is just one of many instances of abuse that have been concealed from public view.

Despite numerous attempts to obtain a comment from Frederick Caley Cottages, including contacting Mr Ron Christian, the chairman, his phone remains unreachable, leaving concerned citizens and the wider public to wonder about the institution’s lack of accountability.

The harrowing experiences endured by residents at Frederick Caley Cottages Old Age Home have shocked the community and sparked outrage.

 As the call for justice and investigation grows louder, the plight of these elderly individuals serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for better protection and care for our most vulnerable citizens.

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