Mining Students Establish Association to Promote Local Professionalism


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DT Correspondent

A group of mining students and graduates in Zimbabwe have formed the Association of Junior Mining Professionals of Zimbabwe (AJMPZ) intending to safeguard the future of the mining industry in the hands of local mining professionals.

The association seeks to provide a platform for mining graduates and students to contribute to the growth and development of the sector in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to Digital Telegraph, Tawanda Muchena, the Interim President of the association, highlighted the primary objective of AJMPZ as being the integration of mining graduates and students into the vision of mining growth and development.

He expressed concern that graduates often face difficulties showcasing their skills and talents due to companies’ preference for experienced individuals.

He said the association intends to advocate for mining houses to consider graduates for skills development opportunities.

“The Association (AJMPZ) aims to harness the idea of passing skills from one generation to another, thus the old folks within the industry should work hand in glove with the Junior graduates, impacting them with knowledge, encouraging them to push beyond limits and to support them in making the Mining Industry more lucrative than it is.

“The Junior Mining professionals particularly the new graduates should have a bigger role to play in achieving the 2030 vision.

“We are also saying our members should be integrated to help the growth and development of the small-scale mining industry through research.

“The idea of giving a chance to graduates (Graduate trainees) to participate in the mining industry is of paramount importance. This ensures that there is continuous development of new ideas, newer technologies, new environmentally sustainable mining methods and the continuity of career development of highly skilled personnel,” he said.

Hazel Karoro, the interim Secretary General of AJMPZ, added that one of the association’s objectives is to prevent foreign companies from importing labour at the expense of local professionals.

Karoro criticized the practice of foreign companies bringing in professionals who are already available in Zimbabwe, emphasizing the need for job opportunities to be given to qualified Zimbabweans.

While acknowledging the benefits of foreign direct investment, she stressed the importance of maximizing local resources and expertise for the country’s benefit.

“While foreign direct investment is good for the country, many foreign companies especially the Chinese are importing professionals who are already in Zimbabwe. We want that to stop, those jobs should be given to Zimbabweans,” Karoro said.

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