ZMF Urges Responsible Mining to Achieve Gold Production Targets


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DT Correspondent

To achieve the targeted 40 tonnes of gold deliveries to the Fidelity Gold Refinery (FGR), artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) are being urged to prioritize responsible mining practices.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) president Ms Henrietta Rushwaya said there is a need for precautionary measures to ensure the safety of miners and the preservation of the environment.

Speaking at a press briefing on mining precautions during the rainy season, organized by Mines and Mining Development Minister Zhemu Soda, Ms Rushwaya commended the government’s call for safe mining practices.

She stressed the importance of collaring and covering shafts, as well as constructing proper drainages to manage flowing water.

“As small scale miners we need to take precautionary measures at our sites and we must ensure that our shafts are collared and covered. We should also encourage our miners to make proper drainages that capture flowing water,” she said. 

With small-scale miners contributing 60 percent of the gold delivered to Fidelity, their role in achieving the production targets for 2024 is crucial.

Ms Rushwaya emphasized that “zero fatalities in mining must be the order of the day,” highlighting the need to mine in a way that prioritizes the preservation of lives and ensures environmental sustainability.

Minister Soda reiterated the government’s commitment to the safety of miners and announced plans to implement safety training programs for all ASM.

He said the objective is to achieve zero harm in the mining industry by equipping miners with the necessary knowledge and skills to mitigate risks.

Minister Soda also emphasized the government’s openness to input from industry stakeholders in preventing and addressing mining incidents.

“The Ministry of Mines will roll out safety trainings for artisanal and small-scale miners. These trainings will also focus on helping miners formalize their operations,” he stated.

He further emphasized the government’s willingness to engage with miners and consider their ideas and suggestions to improve safety measures.

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