Makoni DCC Secretary Impressed by Farmers’ Commitment Amid Favorable Weather Conditions


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Manicaland Correspondent

Makoni District Coordination Committee (DCC) secretary for lands, Shepherd Nyika has expressed admiration for the unwavering dedication exhibited by farmers in the district following recent heavy rains.

Nyika, who was recently recognized as one of the country’s young farmers by the government, conducted a comprehensive assessment of the district’s crops and livestock during a recent tour and was pleased with the progress.

The substantial rainfall experienced in the region has significantly improved the condition of crops and livestock, raising hopes for a satisfactory harvest despite concerns over the El Niño phenomenon predicted by the Meteorological Services Department.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Telegraph, Nyika commended the hardworking nature of the people and farmers in Makoni District.

He expressed his contentment with the situation on the ground, stating, “I have been touring my district to assess the situation after the heavy rains, and I am naturally delighted with what I have observed.

“Our district has always excelled in farming, and our farmers and residents are diligently tending to their fields, weeding, and applying fertilizers.”

Makoni District has gained popularity for its agricultural prowess.

Nyika applauded the government for its efforts in ensuring timely availability of agricultural inputs and establishing connections between farmers and financial institutions, which has facilitated a smoother farming process.

The recent widespread rainfall has had a positive impact on crops and livestock nationwide.

Due to the extended rainy season, farmers have successfully planted 2.4 million hectares of crops, slightly less than the 2.6 million hectares planted in the previous season.

It is worth noting that Nyika, who has been actively involved in farming, was granted a 250-hectare farm, Darkbridge Farm near Nyazura, by the government to further his agricultural endeavors.

Prior to acquiring the farm, he used to lease land and has since achieved remarkable yields, producing over 2,000 tonnes of maize, 25 tonnes of sugar beans, eight tonnes of traditional grains, and 50 tonnes of soybeans annually.

His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring farmers, showcasing the opportunities and rewards that can be reaped through hard work and determination in the agricultural sector.

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