Anglican Diocese of Manicaland Schools Excel in 2023 Zimsec A- Level Examinations


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Manicaland Correspondent 

The Anglican Diocese of Manicaland, under the astute leadership of Bishop Eric Ruwona, has achieved remarkable success in the field of education as its schools continue to dominate the Manicaland province with outstanding results in the recently released 2023 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) Advanced Level examinations.

A total of 474 candidates who sat for the 2023 Advanced Level examinations in Manicaland province achieved a commendable score of 15 points and above, showcasing the exceptional academic caliber of the diocesan schools.

The diocesan-run schools demonstrated their excellence by securing the majority of top positions in the province’s top 10 list. Leading the pack was St Faith High School, which successfully defended its position as the number one school in the province. St Faith High School boasted an impressive 44 candidates who achieved 15 points and above. Moreover, three candidates attained an outstanding score of 25 points, while 14 students scored 20 points, and 27 candidates secured 15 points.

With a total of 117 candidates, St Faith High School achieved a remarkable 100 percent pass rate. Last year, the school also held the top position with 15 points and above from its 108 candidates.

In second place, both St Augustine High School and Sakubva High School, affiliated with the Anglican Diocese, shared the distinction with 35 candidates achieving 15 points and above. Another Anglican-run institution, St David’s Bonda Girls High School, secured the fifth position with 28 candidates attaining 15 points and above, further cementing the diocese’s dominance in the province.

Expressing his satisfaction over the Advanced Level results, Bishop Eric Ruwona spoke to our news crew in Mutare and expressed his contentment, emphasizing that the diocesan policies are yielding fruitful outcomes. He highlighted the diocese’s determination to set its own policies, believing they play a significant role in continually improving the standard of education provided.

“We are delighted with the A Level results, and we will persist in our dedication to hard work. Our diocesan policies have proven to be effective in improving both infrastructure development and public examination results. The students from our mission schools are not only achieving academic success but also demonstrating remarkable spiritual and moral growth,” Bishop Ruwona stated.

The diocese is committed to enhancing the quality of education in the country by undertaking initiatives to refurbish school infrastructure. In line with this objective, the church has announced plans to privatize its mission schools, aiming to further elevate the standard of education provided. This move is expected to empower local children by offering scholarships and other benefits.

However, the remarkable performance of Anglican Diocesan Schools has led to a surge in enrollment, presenting challenges for school authorities as thousands of parents flock to these institutions in search of quality education.

The Anglican Diocese of Manicaland remains steadfast in its mission to provide excellent education to students, and with their recent accomplishments, they are poised to continue making significant contributions to Zimbabwe’s educational landscape.

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