Zim Ranger Mpofu Honoured in London


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Pic Credit: Chris Jackson for Getty/Tusk

DT Correspondent

Zimbabwean ranger Jealous Mpofu has received a prestigious honor at the 11th Edition of the Tusk Conservation Awards in London for his remarkable efforts in saving painted dogs from the brink of extinction.

Mpofu, who works as a ranger with Painted Dog Conservation (PDC), has been instrumental in advocating for awareness and protection of these unique canines since 1998.

Due to Mpofu’s dedicated work, the painted dog population in Zimbabwe has experienced significant growth, currently estimated at around 700 wild African dogs.

His tireless efforts have played a vital role in safeguarding these animals and ensuring their survival.

Expressing his aspirations, Mpofu shared his dream of witnessing the painted dog population in Zimbabwe reach above two or even three thousand.

“It is my dream that one day I am going to see the number of painted dogs in Zimbabwe growing to above two thousand or even three thousand. I know this can be achieved and when this is done I will be the happiest person on earth,” said Mpofu.

He believes that this ambitious goal is achievable through continued awareness and conservation efforts.

Mpofu’s passion and determination to see the numbers increase demonstrate his commitment to protecting the endangered species.

Painted Dog Conservation collaborates with Tusk Conservation, the Government, and other wildlife protection organizations to spearhead the conservation of painted dogs in Zimbabwe.

The collective efforts of these entities are crucial in ensuring the survival and thriving of this unique species.

In Africa, approximately 7,000 painted dogs remain, with Zimbabwe hosting the largest population of around 700 individuals. This recognition at the Tusk Conservation Awards highlights the significance of Zimbabwe’s contribution to safeguarding the survival of these animals facing the threat of extinction.

An elated Mpofu expressed his joy at receiving the award, emphasizing the impact it has on Zimbabwe’s conservation efforts.

“This award means a lot to my friends (painted dogs). I share it with them because without them I would not be here. Our work has allowed for greater attention for their survival,” added Mpofu.

The Tusk Conservation Awards serve as a prestigious platform to acknowledge individuals who have made outstanding contributions to wildlife protection and environmental conservation.

Jealous Mpofu’s recognition at these awards not only celebrates his remarkable achievements but also shines a spotlight on the critical work being done to preserve the painted dog species in Zimbabwe.

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