Young Entrepreneur, Selekta Base, Gives Back to Community


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DT Correspondent

Young entrepreneur Mr Arnold Chingwerewe, popularly known as Selekta Base has made a generous donation to the community.

Over 100 elderly people from the Tose Respite Center in Sunningdale, Harare, received hampers donated by Mr Chingwerewe who has made a name for himself in the events planning, promotion and entertainment industry.

This act of goodwill follows Mr Chingwerewe’s recent hosting of the highly successful Worldwide-Blowout Festival car spinning event at Borrowdale Racecourse.

During the festival, he pledged to allocate all proceeds to charitable causes. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the less fortunate in society, and a call for donations towards this noble cause was made.

In addition to the hampers distributed to the elderly, Mr Chingwerewe also provided donations comprising groceries, clothes, and blankets to residents of Sunningdale.

Accompanying him were various car clubs, including Ice Motors Boss Ice, Jarmaine, Team BMW, Team Subaru, and Sixstar Motorsport, among other car enthusiasts.

Expressing his commitment to giving back, Selekta Base stated,

“The reason why we chose Sunningdale is that mainly what we do start in Sunningdale and St Martins, which is one area. Food hampers were distributed to the needy in this high-density suburb of Sunningdale.”

Selekta Base has earned widespread recognition as an event planner, promoter, and disk jockey.

With his years of experience, he has become a logistical mastermind and is renowned for his exceptional capabilities.

His impressive portfolio includes managing Zimbabwe’s largest annual car festival, the Blowout Festival, and spearheading the success of diverse events such as the Goldrush, the country’s premier farming promotion.

Through his creative marketing strategies and ability to transcend industry boundaries, Selekta Base has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of event planning and promotion.

His philanthropic efforts, demonstrated by the recent donations and commitment to helping underprivileged homes in Harare, highlight the positive impact he strives to make in the community.

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