Sabhuku Mliswa Pledges Community Development


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DT Correspondent

THE newly installed village head for Ward 5, Shurugwi South, Midlands Province, Temba Mliswa pledges to roll out community development to improve the livelihoods of ordinary citizens.

Mliswa was installed as the Sabhuku by Chief Banga of Shurugwi over the weekend. He was installed following the resignation of his aunt Thokozile Zinhoro who is not feeling well.

Speaking after his installation, Mliswa vowed to transform Ward 5 into a hub of horticulture in a space of three months.

“I used to spend at least US$150 000 per year to develop Norton constituency and l am going to bring that same amount here in Shurugwi. You are going to see community development in the space of three months because already l have drilled and installed 10 boreholes that have a capacity of irrigating one hectare.

‘’The village has about 50 households and these boreholes will cater for five families through drip irrigation. I want to create a green belt of horticulture here in Shurugwi. There is going to be a plantation of tomatoes, butternut, cabbage and other things and each family will get 10 percent from the sales that we could have made.

‘’I am trying to change the livelihood of people of Shurugwi through drip irrigation and each household has to participate,” he said

Mliswa said he was passionate about development and would unveil projects in line with Vision 2030.

“I am enthusiastic about development and everybody has to come on board regardless of one political jacket. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra says nyika inovaka nevene vayo (the country is developed by its citizens) so l am riding on that mantra to develop this community through horticulture and other various projects that l am going to roll out,” he said.

Mliswa said he would not abuse his new position to undermine the ruling party Zanu PF.

“Many of you gathered here might be asking yourself why l am being installed as sabhuku told. Truth be told l am a rightful heir to that position and l want to tell the villagers of Ward 5 that l am not going to abuse my authority.

‘’What l am going to do is to try to unite the people of Ward 5 and Shurugwi South through development. I am willing to work with the Member of Parliament for Shurugwi (Wilson Mhuri) and councillors within the constituency.

‘’I am not seeking to be a Member of Parliament for this constituency but l am trying to develop this community in line with National Development Strategy 1 (NDS). I will be attending Zanu PF’s meetings and rallies because the ruling party ideology flows in my DNA.

‘’I didn’t quit from Zanu PF but instead, I was sacked from the party l wanted to make that point clearly to you all,” he said

 On his part, Zanu PF senator for Midlands Province Collin Mapanzure exhorted the former MP for Norton constituency to develop the ward.

“Temba Mliswa you are going to be installed as Sabhuku today and l only have one message to you which is to continue with your development mantra. We want to see change in our community through Rural Development Transformation which has been advocated by our President Emmerson Mnangagwa,” he said.

Mapanzure added that Mliswa should fight drug and substance abuse which has ravaged the country.

“The country is battling with drugs and substances and this is destroying the future generations and this generation is the future leaders of tomorrow. We cannot fold our hands seeing the future of our children being destroyed.

‘’Let’s join hands to fight drugs and substances through various activities. Mliswa l know you are passionate about sports just recently l was approached by Chachacha Football Club which has been promoted to division one.

‘’There request was that they don’t have a ground to conduct their training or host local football matches. So let’s join hand by supporting them so that they will not be involved in drug and substance abuse,” he said.

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