Traditional Healer, Sekuru Kafera Gives Bone-Chilling Warning to Fraudsters


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DT Correspondent

SEKURU Amos Kafera, a Malawi-born traditional healer who is known for openly claiming that he has goblins that can help people get rich, has warned fraudsters that are using his name to fleece unsuspecting people to desist from doing so.

The warning comes in the wake of reports indicating that fraudsters are using social media to con unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned cash.

There are close to nine people who are posing as Sekuru Kafera on social media.

One of the fraudsters recently caused panic among Sekuru Kafera’s clients after he falsely claimed that Sekuru Kafera was in the process of relocating to his native Malawi.

“I am not going anywhere,” says Kafera.

The fraudster called upon Sekuru Kafera’s clients to come and surrender the goblins that the traditional healer had sold to them.

Sekuru Kafura gave a chilling warning.

“I am aware of people who are using my good name to rob people. My clients are being robbed in broad daylight. What I can only say is that those that are doing this must stop or risk the consequences,” warned Sekuru Kafera.

A visibly angry Sekuru Kafera said those who are using his name must be prepared to face the consequences.

“This is a final warning. The people who are using my name will regret the day they decide to exploit my good name. I have a business and reputation to keep and I cannot stand aside and look whilst people drag my name in the mud.

According to Sekuru Kafera, he has been selling goblins “to whoever can afford” since 1972.

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