Top Harare College Partners with Marlborough Community to Fight Drug Abuse


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Digital Telegraph Correspondent

Irene Christian College (ICC) and the City of Harare have joined forces to address drug and substance abuse among youths in Marlborough by establishing a community centre to provide recreational facilities and promote sports activities.

The latest development comes after a recent feedback meeting where the Harare Junior Council highlighted the urgent need for improved recreational facilities to combat drug and substance abuse in the community.

The community grounds along Admiral Tait Road, are being developed for athletics, soccer, and netball.

This collaboration is not only set to benefit the students of Irene Christian College and the wider Marlborough community, as the facilities will be open to the public.

Ward 41 Marlborough Harare Councillor Kudzai Kadzombe said she was excited about the latest partnership.

“We are very excited as a community to partner with Irene Christian College on the community sports centre,” she said.

She further emphasized the importance of this initiative, especially in addressing the critical issue of drug and substance abuse among youths in the community.

Marlborough resident Mr Makan Muzofa commended the role of private schools in community development and highlighted the positive impact of Irene Christian College’s collaboration with the council in rehabilitating neglected community areas.

“It will benefit the school that they will get grounds to practice and do what they want. But also the community will benefit and use it for recreational activities,” he said.

The school’s headmaster, Mr Albert Zinyemba, and visionary, Mr Gerald Machiri, shared their plans for developing a multipurpose court at their ICC school for various sports activities, including hockey, basketball, volleyball, and a swimming pool, as well as a five-a-side soccer pitch for futsal.

These facilities will not only cater to the students but also to other schools in the district participating in the same league.

Marlborough resident Mr Jay Moodley expressed optimism about the positive impact of the new development, acknowledging the efforts of Mr Gerald Machiri and the collaboration between Happy Primary School, Geo Pomona, and the community residents in repairing Sawley Way Road, which has made a significant impact in the community.

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