Tafadzwa Zinyurugwi’s Vision Behind the Wheel


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DT Correspondent

What began as a journey filled with rejections and repeated failures in obtaining a personal driving license has transformed into a thriving enterprise that employs over 12 individuals and boasts a fleet of 20 vehicles.

This is the incredible story of Tafadzwa Zinyurugwi, a 33-year-old entrepreneur who has defied the odds to establish a successful driving school business in the bustling suburbs of Chitungwiza.

Recognising the need for accessible and reliable driving instruction services, Zinyurugwi utilised his passion and expertise to create a driving school that caters to individuals facing similar obstacles he encountered during his quest for a driving license.

Zino Driving School, founded by Zinyurugwi, offers a variety of courses tailored to the needs of aspiring drivers, ranging from beginners to those seeking to enhance their driving skills.

Zinyurugwi’s interest in the driving school business was sparked by his struggles in obtaining a driving license.

“l became interested in driving school business after I struggled to get my driving license.

“As a resident of Chitungwiza, I witnessed many people facing difficulties in acquiring licenses, and the conditions provided by other driving schools were challenging,” he shared with Digital Telegraph Zw.

Today, his driving school stands as a symbol of accomplishment, offering in-person and online classes to meet the increasing demand.

“This innovative approach allows individuals to conveniently learn and gain theoretical knowledge from the comfort of their homes.

“By adapting to the evolving landscape of education, we aim to ensure that our driving school remains at the forefront of driver training in Zimbabwe,” Zinyurugwi added.

Zinyurugwi attributes his success to perseverance and the supportive business environment fostered by the Second Republic.

“The business environment in Zimbabwe is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs like myself.

“The government’s supportive policies and initiatives have provided me with opportunities to flourish, and I am grateful for that,” he said.

Although establishing a driving business posed challenges, it was their passion for assisting others that fueled their determination to forge ahead.

“When we launched our first branch, penetrating the market was tough since established players had already occupied most visible offices.

“The requirements were more complex and costly than we initially anticipated, but with a conducive business environment and support from friends and relatives, we persevered,” he said.

With plans to open two additional driving school branches in Harare’s Central Business District (CBD), Zinyurugwi’s impact is expected to expand even further.

As Zimbabwe continues to nurture the growth of its entrepreneurial sector, success stories like Zinyurugwi’s serve as beacons of inspiration for small and medium enterprises.

Currently, small and medium enterprises contribute over US$8.6 billion to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employ 4.8 million people on a full-time basis.

As the nation celebrates National Workers Day this week, Zinyurugwi’s driving school stands as a shining example of the potential for success within Zimbabwe’s business environment.

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