Netone Strikes Gold at ZITF


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DT Correspondent

Telecoms giant, NetOne Cellular, has been voted the Best Exhibition in the ICT sector in recognition of the innovative design of its exhibition stand which was a ‘preferred destination’ for hundreds of visitors at this year’s prestigious Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

NetOne won the award that celebrates an exhibitor’s innovation whether demonstrated through product development or stand design.

NetOne’s exhibition stand was a star attraction at the international trade event, with the telecoms company showcasing its technology, digital, media and entertainment products that included gaming, online music and state-of-the-art devices.

The stand offered a unique, immersive and engaging experience for visitors, allowing the company to showcase its portfolio of products.

NetOne Group CEO, Raphael Mashanawani said his company was excited about winning the award, which was handed to the company’s representatives by President Mnangagwa, at the official opening ceremony of the ZITF this Saturday.

“We are excited that we won this award in the face of serious and well-respected competition from other exhibitors,” said Mashanawani.

Mashanawani also said the award was a result of the close relationship that NetOne enjoys with “both our customers and our employees without whom we wouldn’t be who we are. It takes a village and our village’s support is why we won this award”.

He said the award was the result of the innovation and hard work demonstrated by NetOne staff and management, along with their dedication and commitment.

Mashanawani said NetOne was committed to continuing to invest in the country’s telecoms infrastructure and technology to improve the customer experience and help the country become a competitive digital economy in the shortest possible time.

NetOne Acting Head of Marketing, Tatenda Makumborenga said he was excited at what the future holds for NetOne adding that winning the award is a clear sign of the company’s innovative advancements. Makumburenga said he was charmed by the response their exhibition received from the customers they serve.

“I am very excited and intrigued by what the future holds for NetOne. Winning this award means that we were recognised for our technological developments that have added value to the ICT sector in Zimbabwe. Our team put their minds to coming up with an exhibition that would both speak to our tech advancements and address our customers’ needs. We now have to step up and keep improving on the quality services that we already provide our valued customers throughout the country,” Makumborenga said.

“This award will not only motivate us to do even more to continuously improve the customer experience and to offer cutting-edge digital technology solutions and products but also to keep coming up with more innovative ways to better serve our growing subscriber base,” added NetOne Chief Commercial Officer, Learnmore Musunda.

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