Road Accidents Claim 604 Lives and Leave 2,624 Injured in Just Three Months


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DT Correspondent

Within a span of just three months, at least 604 individuals lost their lives, while 2,624 others sustained injuries in road-related incidents, according to the 3rd Quarter Transport Statistics Report released by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat).

The report highlights that out of the 12,564 road traffic accidents reported during the 3rd Quarter of 2023, a staggering 460 of them were fatal and life-threatening.

This represents a 3.2 percent decrease compared to the 12,981 accidents reported in the previous quarter, indicating that despite a slight decrease, the country is still grappling with a concerning number of road accidents.

 “A total of 12,564 road traffic accidents were reported during 3rd Quarter 2023, reflecting a 3.2 percent decrease from 12,981 reported in 2nd quarter 2023.

“Of the 12,564 road traffic accidents that occurred in 3rd Quarter 2023, 460 were fatal

“604 deaths and 2 624 injuries were recorded,” reads part of the communique.

The loss of 604 lives and the injuries sustained by 2,624 individuals paint a grim picture of the impact of these accidents on families and communities across Zimbabwe.

The alarming statistics call for urgent action to address the root causes of the incidents and improve road safety measures.

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