Richmark Zimbabwe Changing People’s Lives in Goromonzi


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DT Correspondent

RICHMARK Zimbabwe, a Chinese company contracted by Arcadia Lithium Mine has left an indelible mark in Goromonzi with programmes that have changed people’s lives.

The company is helping the government fight drug abuse, assisting vulnerable kids with food aid and clothing while also building classrooms for different schools.

On top of that, the company is also employing locals, which has helped fight poverty in the Goromonzi community.

With Zimbabwe struggling to deal with the drug abuse scourge, Richmark Zimbabwe has decided to employ many youths.

“As you know youths are engaged in drugs and substance abuse, as a company we decided to employ them so that they are always occupied, we are also employing people from the local community,” the company said.

The company is also providing free transport to its workers to and from work.

In recognising their efforts, Zimbabwe Youth Council awarded Richmark Zimbabwe with a certificate for “upholding fundamental human rights and respect cultures, customs and values in dealings with employees and seek continual improvement in environmental performance, and contribute to the social, economic and institutional development of the communities in which it is operating.”

The company has carried out various corporate social responsibilities in Goromonzi and in the latest move they have left kids at Hosanna Africa Orphanage smiling after donating several goodies.

The company has also convinced some other Chinese companies to donate to Hossana Africa Orphanage.

“Richmark Zimbabwe has also managed to donate foodstuff to a nearby orphanage called Hossana Africa and to help that orphanage economically it is also supporting its projects by continuously buying chicken from that orphanage,” the company said.

A representative from Hossan thanked the company saying the donation will go a long way in helping the orphanage.

 “We have received some groceries from the company and they are helping us a lot. This is going to help the kids. These days there are disease outbreaks so these groceries will help us.

 “We want to thank Richmark Zimbabwe, they are doing a good job and we want to say God bless you.”

 Hossana also requested Richmark to build a classroom for their kids.

 “We are requesting the company to build us one block as you see we are short of classrooms so that they cannot share.”

The donation will go toward ensuring the children have food, school uniforms, toiletries and many other necessities that they require to lead a normal life that will allow them to forget their predicament momentarily.

In future, Richmark Zimbabwe is planning to build more classrooms at Hossana Africa Ophanage so that many underprivileged children can benefit

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