Jacob Mafume Bounces Back as Harare Mayor Amidst Controversy and Political Turmoil


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DT Correspondent

In a stunning turn of events, former Harare mayor Jacob Mafume has reclaimed the mayoral seat after it was left vacant due to the departure of Lovejoy Mandengu, who was recalled from office.

Mafume was sworn in on Thursday at Town House.

However, reports have emerged that CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, known for his political maneuvers, attempted to recall Mafume.

Chamisa allegedly penned a recall letter for Mafume, who represents Harare Ward 19.

The reasons behind this unexpected move remain shrouded in mystery.

Mafume’s political journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

He previously assumed the mayoral position in 2020, defeating Luckson Mukunguma in a fierce election at Town House.

However, his tenure was marred by controversy, as he faced a record-breaking four suspensions during the time when July Moyo held the position of Minister of Local Government.

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Mafume made a triumphant comeback in 2022 after a 45-day hiatus.

The High Court ruling by Justice Joseph Mafusire prohibited July Moyo from interfering with Mafume’s work at Town House.

Moyo had repeatedly accused Mafume of gross misconduct, incompetence, and willful violation of the law.

Now, Mafume has been granted yet another chance to govern as Harare’s chief policy maker.

Mafume’s election as mayor may not come as a surprise to many, considering his militant stance and his bold declaration that Harare City Council will not pay the staggering sum of US$3.5 million to Geogenix BV Limited after canceling a highly publicized deal with the Netherlands-based company.

With Mafume back at the helm, Harare finds itself at the center of a political storm, bracing for an uncertain future filled with intrigue and power struggles.

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