UPDATED: Govt Orders Suspension of Metallon Operations at Redwing After Mine Collapse


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By DT Correspondent

MINES Minister Zhemu Soda has reportedly ordered suspension of all mining operations at Metallon Gold’s Redwing Mine where a collapsed shaft is feared to have killed 11 miners.

According to a source close to developments, Soda wants to see operations suspended until a full report on the incident, about operations at the mine and how normal operations can be restored is produced.

“The Minister has ordered suspension of all operations at Redwing Mine until a report on the incident has been produced and delivered to his office,” said the source.

“All those involved in mining within the nearby Penhalonga area, including Better Brands have also been ordered to suspend their mining operations until a report clarifying the way forward is released.”

Earlier reports that the disaster had occured on Better Brands part of gold rich Redwing Mine were dispelled by Soda.

Soda explained that it had been recorded on Metallon Gold’s tributed mining area, which is currently hbder different individuals.

He further gave hope that lives could be saved by revealing that Metallon had indicated its capacity to carry out the rescue mission.


The accident happened between 0500hrs – 0600hrs on Thursday 04 January 2024.

11 people are suspected to be trapped underground about 20m below surface.

Cause of the collapse of the mine shaft is suspected to be an earth tremor whose source is yet to be ascertained.

Rescue teams went underground around 0900 hrs attempting to rescue and had to retreat after noticing the ground still caving.

The team tried again around 1200hrs and noticed that the ground had collapsed more.

Of concern is the fact that the ground at this place is visibly cracking and subsiding and therefore unsafe.

Rescue activities resumed in the morning and it appears they have been suspended again.

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