Youths Unite to Transform Communities Through Clean-Up Campaigns


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DT Correspondent

Harare : In a remarkable display of dedication and community engagement, a local non-profit organization led by young individuals is making a positive impact on communities through their participation in monthly national clean-up campaigns.

Let It Shine Youth Association, under the leadership Ms Hillary Chikunguru, recently took part in a successful clean-up campaign at PaMereki, the popular shopping hub in Warren Park D.

Chikunguru expressed her gratitude for the tremendous support received from the local authority and other stakeholders, which played a pivotal role in the event’s success.

“We, the Let It Shine Youth Association, are proud to have organized and executed a highly impactful community clean-up campaign at Warren Park D Shops, known as PaMereki,” said Chikunguru.

“Our initiative garnered participation from numerous individuals and organizations, each displaying their commitment to the cause. Notable participants included Brothers Medical Care, Fidelity Life, the Warren Park D residential community, City Council representatives, the esteemed Warren Park MP and Councillor, as well as the enthusiastic residents of Warren Park D and other community members.”

Chikunguru also commended support received from  Mr Mudukuti, Mr Shangai Mago, Mr Mareya, Fidelity and the City Council.

Their contributions, comprising essential resources like bin liners, face masks, brooms, gloves, and refreshments, significantly contributed to the overall success of the event.

“The Let It Shine Youth Association is genuinely grateful for the generous support received. It allowed us to make this clean-up campaign a meaningful and impactful endeavor,” Chikunguru stated, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in bringing about positive change.

The clean-up campaign which the team participated in has left an indelible mark on the Warren Park D community.

The event led to a remarkable improvement in cleanliness, instilling a renewed sense of pride among residents.

Furthermore, it fostered environmental awareness, educating participants about sustainable practices and responsible waste management.

The collaborative nature of the campaign also resulted in enhanced community engagement and unity, as individuals worked together for a common cause.

Chikunguru further noted that beyond the visible outcomes, the clean-up campaign has contributed to the improvement of health and safety in the community.
“By eliminating potential hazards such as sharp objects and pollutants, the initiative has created a healthier and safer environment for all residents, with particular benefits for children who regularly utilize public spaces,” she said.

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