Dreams Come True: Physically Challenged Man Receives Life-Changing Gift of a Five-Roomed House


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In a heartwarming tale of triumph, 26-year-old Mutare resident Tendai Mazuru, who faces physical challenges, has seen his long-held dream materialise.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Manicaland Destiny of Africa Network (Danet) and Liberty Gumende, a member of the Zanu PF youth league and a local businessman, Mazuru now resides in a beautiful five-roomed house in the eastern border city.

Mazuru and his family are overwhelmed by this life-changing experience.

“I had always dreamed of having a place to call home, and now that dream has become a reality,” he shared in a recent interview with Digital Telegraph’s features correspondent in Mutare.

He went on to explain the difficulties faced by physically challenged individuals like himself when looking for rental accommodations.

“Being a tenant in a wheelchair is extremely challenging. During rainy seasons, I would often enter the landlord’s house with mud on my wheels, leaving the floor dirty,” he added.

Previously, Mazuru resided in an Old People’s home in Sakubva, where he had to use public toilets.

It was during this time that he approached Wilson Masokowere, the chairman of Manicaland Destiny of Africa Network, seeking assistance in finding a place to live.

Unfortunately, they had no available stands at the time, but Masokowere encouraged Mazuru to find a stand so that they could purchase it for him.

Determined to fulfill his dream, Mazuru followed Masokowere’s advice and managed to secure a stand in Chigodora for $2000.

When asked how many rooms he desired, Mazuru expressed his contentment with a five-roomed house.

Danet, known for its low-income housing schemes, generously offered their support. In Mutare alone, Danet has constructed 10,000 housing units.

Mazuru also expressed his gratitude to Liberty Gumende, affectionately known as “Top Striker,” who assisted with the provision of building materials.

Gumende, a successful businessman and a member of the ruling party’s youth, has always been a friend to Mazuru.

“When Tendai informed me about his stand in Chigodora, I was thrilled for him.

“I offered to help him with building materials, and I am delighted that the construction is now complete,” Gumende shared.

He attributes his success to the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his policies.

Chairman Masokowere emphasized that Mazuru’s improved living conditions align with Danet’s commitment to social responsibility.

“As Danet, providing support to individuals like Mazuru is an integral part of our initiatives. I am delighted to witness Mazuru and his family enjoying a comfortable home,” he remarked.

From his humble beginnings in an orphanage, Mazuru has now become a proud homeowner.

His dream continues to thrive, inspiring others with the belief that dreams can indeed come true.

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