EU Diplomats Launch “Silani, Tinemi, EU With You” Campaign


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Diplomatic Correspondent

European Union’s top diplomats in Zimbabwe launched a new campaign called “Silani, Tinemi, EU With You” yesterday.

This campaign focuses on two Team Europe Initiatives that align with Zimbabwe’s national development policies.

The campaign, which falls under the EU Global Gateway, aims to complement Zimbabwe’s National Development Strategy-1: “Greener and Climate-Smart Agriculture” and “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.”

Team Europe consists of the European Union, EU member states – including their implementing agencies and public development banks – as well as the European Investment Bank (EIB) for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

In a statement released on Thursday during the celebration of Europe Day in Harare, the European Union delegation in Zimbabwe announced that the campaign has a combined budget of over US$ 500 million.

“This year, Team Europe’s efforts under the Greener and Climate Smart agriculture became particularly relevant considering the current El Nino-induced drought situation exacerbated by climate change.

“Over USD 60 million have already been allocated under this Team Europe Initiative address various aspects of the drought cycle, demonstrating the EU’s commitment to standing with Zimbabwe also during challenging times,

“Silani, Tinemi, EU With You” aims to showcase the long-standing partnership between Zimbabwe and Team Europe.

“The campaign also represents a firm Team Europe’s commitment to a constructive and enhanced partnership with Zimbabwe, based on trust and mutual respect,” reads part of the communique.

This year’s Europe Day reception was characterised by a vibrant celebration of the “Team Europe” spirit.

The EU Ambassador, alongside his fellow EU Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls presented “European Village, which showcased the rich gastronomic culture that defines the Union.

Every year on May 9, the European Union joins its 4,50 million citizens in celebrating the European dream and its founding values under the common motto; “United in Diversity.”

After the Second World War, the EU was born as a peace project and it has grown for over 70 years, witnessing major progress in political, economic, and social integration.

This year Team Europe celebrated Europe’s commitment to democracy as the European Parliament is about to hold elections.

With more than 400 million people eligible to vote, these are the second-largest democratic elections in the world.

Did you Know?

The EU opened its Delegation in Harare immediately after the independence of Zimbabwe.

With 450 million people in 27 countries, the EU constitutes a single market providing duty-free and quota-free access for Zimbabwean products;

42 percent of Zimbabwe’s horticultural products are exported to the EU;

Over USD 900 million invested in ongoing Team Europe projects in Zimbabwe;

Over USD 500 million dedicated to the two Team Europe Initiatives on `Gender equality and Women’s Empowerment” and Greener and climate-smart agriculture;”

Over USD 6o million have already been allocated under the Team Europe lnitiative on Greener and Climate Smart Agriculture to address various aspects of the drought cycle

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