Destiny of Africa Network Appeals for Additional Land to Support Low-Income Earners


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DT Correspondent

Mutare: Destiny of Africa Network (Danet) Manicaland the Chairperson Mr Wilson Masokowere has expressed his organisation’s commitment to supporting the government in providing shelter for low-income earners.

In an interview yesterday, Masokowere outlined their plans for the upcoming year and appealed to the government for more land to further their vision of offering affordable housing.

He commended government for its support during the year and affirmed that Danet would continue to collaborate in providing housing stands to those in need.

“We want to thank our government for supporting us in 2023 and we will continue to support the government for offering stands,” he said

“We have also done successful projects during the year such electrification of some of our areas we are developing, road rehabilitation among other projects,” Masokowere added

He also highlighted the successful projects undertaken by the organisation throughout the year, including the electrification of certain areas undergoing development and road rehabilitation initiatives.

However, Masokowere emphasised the need for additional land to sustain and expand their housing programs.

He called upon the government to allocate more land to Danet, allowing them to continue their vital work in providing affordable housing to communities in Manicaland.

The newly appointed Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Misheck Mugadza praised Danet’s housing schemes in the region.

The cooperative has established itself as one of the most successful housing cooperatives in the country, earning recognition for its integrity and dedication to its mission.

Masokowere’s leadership and reputation as an honest man have endeared him to the people of Manicaland.

His commitment to social responsibility is evident in Danet’s initiatives, such as providing educational support.

Masokowere personally contributes to paying school fees for several children in the province, with many of them attending universities.

This year, Danet made a significant impact by offering 482 stands in Nyazura, providing families with the opportunity to own homes.

The cooperative’s efforts have positively influenced the lives of numerous individuals and communities in Manicaland.

As Danet looks ahead to the coming year, Masokowere’s plea for additional land reflects the organisation’s determination to continue its mission of affordable housing provision.

It is hoped that the government will consider the request and collaborate with Danet to address the housing needs of low-income earners in Manicaland.

By working together with organizations like Danet, the government can make significant strides in addressing housing shortages and improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations.

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