‘Zimbabwean Story Will Boost Tourism Industry’ – Guy Jennings


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Digital Telegraph Correspondent

The tourism industry in Zimbabwe should cautiously market the “Brand Zimbabwe” to attract more tourists and investors, industry leaders said this week.

This recommendation emerged during the Inaugural Tourism and Conservation Conference in Harare, which was conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and Wild Africa Fund.

The event, themed “Making Tourism Easier and Bigger Through Wildlife,” provided a platform for industry players to discuss sustainable tourism strategies.

Wild Africa Fund Southern Africa director Guy Jennings telling the Zimbabwean story will boost the tourism industry.

Jennings emphasized the need for a careful and nuanced approach to marketing Zimbabwe’s tourism brand, striking a balance between authenticity and appeal to potential visitors.

“Zimbabwe is blessed with some of the best wildlife and best national parks in the world, without a doubt.

“So we brought people together with different interests from different parties to see how we can celebrate the successes that Zimbabwe has had and see how we can come up with ideas on how we can improve tourism in our country,” he said.

“How do we spread that story of Zimbabwe is why we are here and I think that’s a very important thing and that’s what tourism is about. If we can spread this story of culture, and wildlife in wide open spaces, people will come here,

“Africa is born on storytelling and we want to tell the story of Zimbabwe, we want that story to attract people here.”

The conference highlighted the importance of leveraging Zimbabwe’s natural wonders and wildlife conservation efforts to drive growth in the tourism sector, which has faced headwinds in recent years.

Stakeholders expressed cautious optimism about the future of Zimbabwe’s tourism industry, stating that a well-executed branding and marketing campaign could help the country capitalize on its unique offerings and attract a wider range of travellers and investors.

Tourism and Hospitality Minister Barbara Rwodzi urged tourism players to work closely with communities to improve their livelihoods.

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