Water Crisis Plagues Mutare City, Poses Health Threat


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DT Correspondent

MUTARE: – Mutare City is facing a severe water crisis, which is becoming a ticking time bomb for public health, following a major burst in its main Pungwe water transmission line last week.

Most of the areas in the eastern border city, including low, high, and medium-density suburbs, as well as the central business district (CBD), are experiencing a complete water shortage.

In an interview with Digital Telegraph, the local authority’s spokesperson Mr Spren Mtiwi acknowledged the water crisis and assured residents that efforts are underway to restore water supplies.

As an interim measure, five water bowsers have been deployed to distribute water to affected suburbs and alleviate the situation.

“It’s true we have a water crisis situation after the burst of our main water supply pipe, Pungwe, last Wednesday. Our repair work has exceeded the initially estimated timeline.

“We have five water bowsers distributing water across the city from 8 am to 5 pm daily. It is important for residents to note that water distribution is limited to specific time slots and areas,” he said.

Mr Mtiwi assured residents that water supplies are expected to resume in most areas by tomorrow.

The water crisis in Mutare comes at a critical time when the country is already struggling to contain a cholera outbreak.

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the country had reported 7,000 cases of cholera by the end of last week, with Manicaland Province being the most affected.

Last week, the Harare City Council, which is also grappling with water challenges, declared a state of emergency due to the escalating cholera cases in the capital city.

The MCC now faces the urgent task of resolving the water crisis to prevent further health risks and ensure the well-being of the residents.

The situation calls for swift and effective action to restore water supplies and mitigate potential outbreaks of waterborne diseases in Mutare.

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