Ruwa Mayor Leads Inclusive Decision-Making Process with Local Stakeholders


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DT Correspondent

In a significant step towards transparent governance and community involvement, Ruwa Mayor, Councillor Michael Mataruka, has spearheaded a series of engagements with key local stakeholders to address critical issues shaping the town’s development.

The meeting, which took place earlier this week, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including pastors, business leaders, fellow councillors, and resident associations.

Mayor Mataruka underscored the significance of engaging with stakeholders and hailed the discussions as candid and fruitful. The focal points of the meeting revolved around pivotal matters essential for the town’s progress, encompassing the approval of the town’s budget, advancements in the master plan, enhancements in service delivery, the collection of rates from residents, and various key projects.

“We had a very crucial feedback meeting with the local key stakeholders, including pastors, business leaders, small to medium enterprises, and local vendors. The main focus was on the town’s budget approval, progress on our master plan, service delivery, collection of rates from residents, and other key projects,” Mayor Mataruka emphasised.

Looking to the future, Mayor Mataruka outlined plans for all councillors to conduct feedback meetings within their respective wards commencing next week.

These forthcoming meetings aim to foster continuous communication and collaboration between local stakeholders and community members, ensuring that citizen input remains at the heart of the town’s development endeavours.

“Starting next week as a council we are going to host feedback meetings in our respective wards to ensure that we progress alongside citizens in our development initiatives that include service delivery, Damafalls hospital project and more importantly rates collection,” he added.

The decision to involve a wide array of stakeholders in the decision-making process reflects a commitment to inclusive and participatory governance, reinforcing the notion that the voices of the community are integral to shaping Ruwa’s future.

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