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Digital Telegraph Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Real Estate Expo is set to host its inaugural event in September this year aimed at revolutionising the industry towards the country’s Vision 2030.

The expo will showcase real estate forums featuring international speakers and the best players in the real estate industry who will discuss critical topics, offering invaluable insights and facilitating knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Zimbabwe Real Estate Expo chief executive officer, Mrs Nonhlanhla Tutani said the expo will feature exhibitions from leading real estate companies, showcasing the latest developments and innovations in the sector.

“We believe that the real estate industry can play a big role in aiding to our government’s goal for Zimbabwe to becoming an upper-middle income country by 2030, so with this expo, we aim to complement government efforts by creating a platform that will align the real estate industry to Vision 2030.”

“Our focus is on providing a platform that benefits real estate investors and the people, we know there is another real estate event that has been hosted and we are not there to compete but to add value and to bring in fresh ideas to complement efforts by every stakeholder in the real estate industry.

“We believe that by bringing together the best deals and expert knowledge, we can drive growth and development in the real estate sector,” she said.

Mrs Tutani said building on the success of the inaugural event, the Expo will also launch a diaspora edition, starting with London in October and rotating to other countries including Australia, the USA, Canada, Germany and South Africa.

She said the initiative aimed to bring real estate investors closer to Zimbabweans living abroad who would like to invest in properties.

“For too long, Zimbabweans living abroad have been unable to easily access real estate deals back home,” said Mrs Tutani.

“We believe that our diaspora edition will provide a game-changing opportunity for those looking to invest or retire in Zimbabwe. We want to give them a chance to have a secure and stable retirement plan.”

Mrs Tutami said the Expo is poised to set a new standard for real estate events in Zimbabwe and by focusing on customer needs and providing a unique platform for deals and knowledge-sharing they believe that the event will become a must-attend for anyone involved in the real estate industry.

“The Zimbabwe Real Estate Expo is an exciting new initiative that has the potential to transform the industry and we are looking forward to working with the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities,” she said.

“We believe that this event will provide a unique opportunity for real estate players to connect with customers and showcase their offerings.”

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