Over 750 Pupils Awarded Puredrop Scholarships, Empowering Zimbabwean Students


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DT Correspondent

In a groundbreaking initiative, Olivine Industries Group, a leading cooking oil manufacturer in Zimbabwe, awarded scholarships to more than 750 deserving learners from various regions of the country.

The scholarships were granted as part of the highly anticipated Pure Drop Scholarship Bonanza competition draw, which concluded last week.

The competition, hailed as Zimbabwe’s largest scholarship promotion, required participants to purchase a bottle of Pure Drop cooking oil and complete an entry form.

The aim was to encourage education and empower young students to shape a brighter future through learning.

Sylvester Dendere, the Group Affairs Executive of Olivine Industries, highlighted the significance of education in transforming societies.

“When you have educated a child, you have done it for the whole nation,” he emphasised.

Departing from traditional prizes such as backpacks and merchandise, Olivine Industries believes that investing in education is a more impactful way to empower scholarship winners.

One of the fortunate beneficiaries, Cherie Choodzai, a Form One pupil at Prince Edward School, expressed his excitement at winning the scholarship.

“I simply bought Pure Drop cooking oil and filled out the entry forms. I never imagined I would be selected for this scholarship,” he exclaimed.

Choodzai’s unexpected victory brings hope and opportunity for his educational journey.

Similarly, Mufaro Chikore, a Grade 5 student at Eastridge Primary School, shared his joy and relief at being awarded the scholarship.

“I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship. Now, my mother will be spared the stress of arranging my fees for the next term,” he expressed.

The Pure Drop Scholarship Bonanza competition has not only provided financial support but has also instilled a sense of motivation and encouragement among Zimbabwean students.

Its commitment to promoting education and nurturing the nation’s future leaders has garnered appreciation from students and their families.

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