Old Mutual Zimbabwe Engages in Social Impact through Rugby in Collaboration with Tag Rugby Trust


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Digital Telegraph Correspondent

Old Mutual Zimbabwe, a champion for positive change, has proudly sponsored the Tag Rugby Trust since 2011. This partnership harnesses the power of rugby to empower young Zimbabweans and equip them with valuable life skills.

The Tag Rugby Trust is a charitable organization that utilizes rugby to transform young lives. They have reached over 10,000 children, fostering personal growth and community development. Through rugby, they create opportunities for young athletes to thrive.

Old Mutual’s support extends beyond the playing field. Their annual grants ensure the sustainability of leagues, nurturing the development of young athletes. Additionally, they make significant contributions to the Tag Rugby Trust’s food production project. This initiative brings together children from diverse backgrounds in projects such as broiler rearing and rabbit farming. The profits generated benefit the community, with funds strategically allocated for maximum impact.

“Old Mutual has been a proud sponsor of the Tag Rugby Trust since 2011. Through our annual grants, we contribute to the operation of leagues throughout the year, fostering the growth of young athletes,” said Lillian Mbayiwa, Old Mutual Zimbabwe’s Group Marketing, Public Affairs & Sustainability Executive.

The partnership thrives on shared values. Both organizations prioritize empowering youth, fostering holistic growth, and strengthening communities. Taddy Whata, Tag Rugby Trust’s Young Leaders Manager, expressed gratitude for Old Mutual’s unwavering support.

“We thank Old Mutual. Their support has enabled us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young individuals.”

This year’s collaboration promises exciting activities. Kicking off with the Young Leader Training on May 3rd, it features tournaments across Zimbabwe, promoting sportsmanship and unity. Career guidance sessions in various cities will provide invaluable support to young individuals.

Through this packed calendar, Old Mutual Zimbabwe and the Tag Rugby Trust will join forces to empower communities, drive positive change, and create a lasting impact for Zimbabwe’s youth.

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