Mr Attention’s Musical Journey to Bring Positive Vibes to Chitungwiza


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DT Correspondent

HARARE: – Chitungwiza, a bustling dormitory town located 25 km from Harare’s Central Business District (CBD), has often been the subject of social media jokes and memes.

However, one talented artist, Mr Attention, aims to change the narrative and bring a wave of positivity to his community.

Kelvin Tinotenda Chisango, widely known as Mr Attention, is a versatile artist with big dreams for Chi-town.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Telegraph, he expressed his desire to make a positive impact through his music and transform the perception of Chitungwiza.

Drawing inspiration from the success story of Winky D, who hails from the Rugare suburb, Mr Attention aspires to put Chitungwiza on the map for its artistic contributions rather than negative stereotypes.

With confidence radiating from him, he aims to conquer the world with his musical influence.

At 26 years old, Mr Attention fuses various genres such as Afropop, reggae, and hip-hop in his music.

His musical journey began during his primary school days at Chinembiri, where he played marimba.

Later, in 2017, he joined forces with Bleq Boi The Dan (Admire Nyasha Sigauke) of Allied Kings Entertainment and recorded several songs.

“I started recording professionally in 2017 when I met Bleqboithedan, and we have been working together ever since. I am part of a group of upcoming artists including Kugz, Busiso, Czwe, and the talented producer Fidelis Chochoma (Fidel3times),” Mr Attention shared his story with me.

The artist recently collaborated on two exciting tracks: “Chose” with Kugz and “Masamaria” with Czwe.

As a testament to his musical prowess, this writer had the opportunity to preview some of Mr Attention’s tracks, including the captivating Afrofusion song “Sherry Coco,” which has the potential to become a party anthem.

Additionally, “Chimbo Chemoyo,” produced by Simplex, showcases Mr Attention’s soulful side and serves as a love appreciation gem with a memorable chorus.

With his unique blend of musical styles and a passion for uplifting his community, Mr Attention is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry.

Through his infectious melodies and positive vibes, he aims to redefine Chitungwiza’s reputation and become a global sensation.

As Mr Attention’s musical journey continues, fans and music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his upcoming releases, hoping to witness the transformation of Chi-town’s artistic landscape.

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