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DT Correspondent

ZANU PF Mutare West MP, Nyasha Marange has declared his willingness to sacrifice for his people by safeguarding them against alleged abuses of the Chiadzwa Community Share Ownership Trust (CCSOT) funds by certain members.

Marange was elected as the organizing secretary in the Trust by fellow board members, including traditional leaders, to fulfil an oversight role.

Addressing traditional leaders, villagers, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) officials, and other stakeholders at Chief Bernard Marange’s homestead recently, Marange clarified the status of the CCSOT funds.

The meeting occurred amidst allegations that the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, Hardwork Mukwada, was misusing the funds.

According to Marange, two members of the Trust did not want him to join, fearing that his oversight role would expose their actions.

This led to a vote, which resulted in his appointment to the board, thereby unveiling the misconduct.

“We are working together in the context of devolution and Constituency Development Funds (CDF). As your MP, during the development of Mutare West, we are witnessing the progress of our projects,” he said.

“We should collaborate. As a representative of my constituency, I take an interest in the affairs of the Trust,” Marange explained.

“Several traditional leaders, including our headman Mutsago and Mukwada, supported my inclusion in the Trust,” he added.

“Although two individuals opposed my involvement, they were defeated in the vote, which followed the Trust rules, and I was appointed the organizing secretary,” he further stated.

“We held multiple Trust meetings during which I inquired about the existence of accounts and the signatories,” he added.

“During my investigations, I discovered that there were undisclosed consultations between the company (ZCDC) and only two members, without the knowledge of other board members and the people of Marange,” he revealed.

As an MP, Marange uncovered projects that were being requested by some Trust members without the knowledge of the Trust itself.

“I want to make it clear that I am willing to sacrifice for my people, and I demand transparency in the use of the funds,” he emphasized.

Traditional leaders, villagers, and other stakeholders have called for Mukwada’s arrest on charges of fund abuse, although Mukwada has denied the allegations.

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