Mining Dispute Escalates as CIO’s US$70k Car Burnt by Workers


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DT Correspondent

Three mining workers in Pfungwe found themselves in court on Tuesday, appearing before Mutawatawa Magistrate Mr Obedience Matare on charges of setting fire to a car valued at $70,000.

The vehicle was allegedly owned by a suspected member of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) and was destroyed during a mining dispute.

According to the prosecution led by Mr Steven Malota, the incident occurred on December 3 when Raymond Hungwe (38), Ashley Marunya (33), and Ngonidzashe Dzvairo (36) were employed at the Ebenezer Mining site in Pfungwe.

However, despite profiting from their mining operations, the trio had reportedly stopped paying their daily dues to the claim owner.

In an attempt to resolve the dispute, the claim owner sought the assistance of three individuals believed to be government security officers.

These individuals arrived at the mining site in a government-owned Mercedes Benz, and instead of reaching a resolution, the situation escalated.

The court was informed that the three accused individuals allegedly assaulted the three security personnel using an iron rod, a fan belt, and their fists.

Subsequently, they set fire to the government vehicle, resulting in its complete destruction.

Additionally, the trio allegedly seized three cellphones belonging to the security personnel.

The accused individuals are scheduled to appear in court again on December 18.

They face public violence charges.

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