Mash-West Indaba to Unlock Investment Opportunities


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DT Correspondent

In a determined effort to stimulate economic progress and tap into untapped potential Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Marian Chombo is set to spearhead an Investment Conference at Kadoma Rainbow Towers on Friday.

The conference aims to unlock investment opportunities that will drive development and propel the province towards the ambitious Vision 2030 goals set by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

With the theme “Unlocking and unpacking investment opportunities towards the achievement of vision 2030 in Mashonaland West through domestic and foreign arrangements,” the conference is poised to create a fertile ground for both domestic and foreign investors to contribute to the province’s economic growth.

Minister Chombo expressed the primary objective of the conference, stating, “The main aim of this event is to unlock investment opportunities for the development of our provincial economy.”

The initiative aligns with President Mnangagwa’s vision of building the nation brick by brick, leaving no place behind.

By bringing together key stakeholders, the conference aims to explore avenues for investment and forge partnerships that will drive sustainable growth and propel Mashonaland West Province towards a prosperous future.

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