India Opens Gateway to Career Opportunities for Zim Students


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The two-day event attracted aspiring higher education students from across the country, providing them with a platform to explore a wide range of career opportunities and choose from the best Indian universities exhibiting at the fair.

Edunial Group India, a leading higher education management company specializing in promoting Indian higher education abroad, aims to connect Indian educational institutions with students worldwide who seek quality higher education opportunities in India.

Through impactful events like the IHECF, the organization strives to facilitate meaningful interactions and create pathways for international students.

The inaugural event, graced by the Indian top diplomat to Zimbabwe, Mr Vijay Khanduja, emphasized the significance of this initiative in strengthening the Zim-India bilateral relationship.

Ambassador Khanduja expressed his delight at witnessing young minds eager to pursue their careers in India. He highlighted that studying in India presents an opportunity for Zimbabwean students to become ambassadors for their country and further enhance the ties between the two nations.

“When you study in India you also become ambassadors of Zimbabwe and help strengthen relations with our two countries, you will be doing business and services because you know the two countries very well.

“There are several scholarships that are being offered by these universities, we are ready to process all the educational visas and our door is open for more information, make sure you do your due diligence,” he said.

Ambassador Khanduja also highlighted the availability of numerous scholarships offered by Indian universities, emphasizing the Indian government’s commitment to supporting Zimbabwean students.

He mentioned that Zimbabwe’s presidential scholarship scheme for this year alone has provided 250 scholarships for students to study in India.

Over the past two years, 3,000 visas have been issued to Zimbabwean students, reinforcing the popularity and recognition of Indian educational institutions among Zimbabwean learners.

The fair showcased top-notch Indian universities and colleges, including SRM Chennai, KIIT University, Pimpri University, SRM AP University, R.K. University, and LNCT University.

Representatives from these prestigious institutions engaged with prospective students, providing them with valuable information about academic programs and global perspectives.

Dr  Kisimbira Muhammed, the coordinator of IHECF, emphasized the significance of the fair’s diverse representation.

He highlighted that attendees had access to a wide array of academic programs and global perspectives, enabling them to make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.

“Edunial Group India is known for its commitment to promoting education and facilitating Career Growth is pleased to present this platform where students can interact directly with representatives from prestigious institutions.

The fair provided a unique opportunity for students and parents to explore educational options, gain insights into various courses, and understand the admission processes,” he said.

The Indian Higher Education and Career Fair – 2024 Harare served as an exceptional opportunity for students and parents to explore educational options, gain insights into various courses, and understand the admission processes.

The participating institutions represented a diverse range of academic disciplines, catering to the evolving needs of today’s competitive world.

About Edunial

At Edunial, we understand the importance of showcasing the diverse academic programs, renowned universities, and unique opportunities that Indian higher education offers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between students and Indian educational institutions by organizing dynamic and engaging events that promote educational excellence, cultural exchange, and global partnerships. We work closely with Indian universities, colleges, and educational organizations to develop tailor-made event strategies that effectively highlight their strengths and offerings. Our experienced team of event professionals meticulously plans and executes each event, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all stakeholders involved through our well-organized events, we provide a platform for Indian educational institutions to present their programs, faculty expertise, infrastructure, and career opportunities to a diverse international audience. We create an environment where students and their parents can directly interact with representatives from these institutions, gaining valuable insights, asking questions, and making informed decisions about their educational journey. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of event management. From venue selection and booth design to marketing campaigns and participant engagement, we pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that each event reflects the unique identity of the participating institutions and creates a positive and impactful impression.

Furthermore, we recognize the significance of cultural exchange in the field of education. Through our expertise and extensive network, we have established strong partnerships with educational consultants, embassies, and other relevant stakeholders in countries across the globe.

These collaborations enable us to effectively promote Indian higher education in various international markets, opening doors of opportunity for both Indian educational institutions and students seeking quality education. Together, let us build bridges of knowledge and academic growth.

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