Govt Partners’ Stakeholders In The Fight Against Drug Abuse


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DT Correspondent

Collaboration with stakeholders and developmental partners in combating drug and substance abuse is of paramount importance, particularly in the dissemination of information, the Civil Protection Unit (CPU) has said.

Speaking during the launch of an anti-drug abuse project by the Colporteur Missionary Society Zimbabwe Trust, an initiative supported by the Government and Moonlight Funeral Services, CPU chief director Mr Nathan Nkomo said there have been positive outcomes resulting from these collaborations in spreading awareness about drug and substance abuse.

“Drug and substance abuse has become an emerging social issue in our society, to the extent that it is now considered one of the emerging disasters in the country.

“When dealing with such a disaster, we apply the framework of disaster management, which includes search and rescue. We are preparing a dedicated team of nurses, teachers, and representatives from the districts and provinces involved in search and rescue operations.

“Our partnerships are yielding positive results in terms of disseminating information on drug and substance abuse,” he said.

Moonlight Group chief executive officer Dr Chomi Makina said their focus extends beyond funeral services and is committed to activities that benefit society.

“We are proud to announce our intention to broaden our impact by collaborating with the Government and the Colporteur Missionary in tackling some of the most pressing challenges our society faces today.

“Drug and substance abuse is a major problem affecting millions of people, especially young individuals in Zimbabwe and worldwide. It severely impacts their health, well-being, and prospects.”

Colporteur Missionary director Dr Zakeyo Chirume said the goal of the partnership with the Government and Moonlight aims to facilitate the eradication of drugs and substance abuse.

“Furthermore, the funeral assurance company will provide funeral cover for those who have succumbed to drug abuse, in addition to their other contributions,” he said.

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