Freeman to Appear in Court as Police Claims Dancehall Star Provided Home Details of Robbery Victim to “Gangmates”


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DT Correspondent

DANCEHALL artiste Freeman is expected to appear before court within 48 hours of his arrest by Zimbabwe Republic Police’s (ZRP) Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Homicide Squad on Tuesday.

The notorious police section had initially called him for questioning at Harare Central Police Station regards his continued relations with armed robbers.

A leaked police statement reveals that a surviving, suspected robber is the one who informed officers of Freeman’s involvement in their operations.

Freeman stands accused of willfully providing information about Paul Chimbodza to a colleague, Godknows Machingura and a Paul Zhou with intention yo rob him.

He has since been charged with Conspiring to Commit Robbery and faces from a fine to 12 years in prison.

He denies the accusations in police dockets seen by this publication.

Two of his Freeman’s associates have been shot dead by the department’s officers in three years, with the latest being Machingura, a celebrated music promoter and close friend of Freeman.

Machingura was killed in a shootout recently while another one of his associates wad killed by former Detective Joseph Nemaisa in another exchange of fire.

Added Freeman: “It is being alleged that I conspired with the late Godfrey Machingura and one Paul Enest Mzenge Zhou to commit an Armed Robbery against Paul Chimbodza of house number 51 Dunkled Road Mt Pleasant Harare where it is further alleged that I supplied information in relation to the residential address of the victim Paul Chimbodza,” reads the police’s Warned and Cautioned Report to Freeman.

“For the record I do not even know the said Paul Chimbodza, I have never met with him and have never visited his house. I do not even know where he stays and no one gave me his address. I also never met and do not know Paul Ernest Muzenge.

“I challenge the said Muzenge to prove or produce evidence of such a meeting between himself, Machingura and myself (if at all) on 25 November 2023 as alleged. I further challenge Muzenge to produce evidence of any call history or text message or whatsapp message or any other form of communication he or anyone may allege I did to him or Machingura on the said date allegedly giving them Paul Chimbodza’s residential address.

“Such never happened. The only person I knew was Machingura.”

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