DROWNING IN BOOZE: Zim Tops Global Alcohol Consumption Chart


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DT Correspondent

In a recent survey conducted by the esteemed American institute, Wise Voter, Zimbabwe has emerged as the undisputed heavyweight champion of alcohol consumption per capita.

According to the survey, an average Zimbabwean guzzles a staggering 62.8 liters of pure alcohol each year, dwarfing the consumption figures of every other country on the list.

Tunisia, a distant second, pales in comparison with a mere 36.6 liters consumed per person.

The findings have sent shockwaves across the globe, highlighting Zimbabwe’s unbridled passion for the bottle.

Wise Voter, renowned for its meticulous research in politics, health, climate, and economy, conducted the comprehensive study that shines a glaring spotlight on this alarming phenomenon.

The report reveals a sobering truth that cannot be ignored – Zimbabwe leads the world in per capita alcohol consumption.

The list of shame continues, with Eswatini securing the third spot, boasting an astonishing 34.4 liters of alcohol consumed per person annually.

The prevalence of alcohol dependence stands at a staggering 2.5%, offering a glimpse into the nation’s deep-rooted relationship with the bottle.

“Zimbabwe 62, 8 litres, Tunisia 36,6 litres, Eswatini 34,4 litres, Maldives 33,7 litres, Afghanistan 33,5 litres, Namibia 32,4 litres, South Africa 29,9 litres, Algeria 29,1 litres, Turkey 28,5 litres and Iran 28,4 litres,” the report read.

“Zimbabwe has the highest alcohol per capita globally. An individual Zimbabwean may consume 62,8 litres of pure alcohol when comparing the alcoholic beverages they would have taken in 12 months, with a prevalence of alcohol dependence of 2,2%,” read the report.

The survey report mentioned that one serving of alcohol was classified as 0,0177 fluid litres of alcohol.

“This corresponds with a 0,354 litre can/bottle of beer, one 0,148 litre glass of wine, or one 0,044 litre shot of liquor. When comparing alcohol consumption across countries, organisations will look at litres of pure alcohol,” it said.

Zimbabwe’s unquenchable thirst for alcohol has surpassed all expectations, leaving the rest of the world in awe.

The report confirms that an individual’s alcohol consumption in Zimbabwe is equivalent to downing a mind-boggling 62.8 liters of pure intoxication over the course of a year.

This alarming figure is accompanied by a prevalence of alcohol dependence standing at 2.2%.

To put this into perspective, a serving of alcohol is classified as 0.0177 fluid liters, which equates to a 0.354-liter can or bottle of beer, a 0.148-liter glass of wine, or a 0.044-liter shot of liquor.

When comparing consumption levels across countries, experts analyse the quantity of pure alcohol consumed, revealing Zimbabwe’s shocking dominance in this realm.

It is noteworthy that the top three countries on the list, including Zimbabwe, do not have prohibitions on alcohol.

However, the legal drinking age is set at 18 years or older, allowing these nations to revel in their unquenchable thirst for intoxication.

The consequences of this excessive alcohol consumption are far-reaching, both socially and economically.

In 2022, Zimbabweans shattered all records by consuming unprecedented amounts of lager beer, contributing to a staggering revenue of US$713 million for the country’s largest brewer, Delta Beverages.

The insatiable demand even propelled sorghum beer sales past the four million hectoliter mark, signaling a nation drowning in its love affair with alcohol.

Will Zimbabwe confront its drinking demons and chart a new course towards moderation, or is the nation destined to remain trapped in a haze of intoxication?

Only time will tell if this shocking revelation will be a catalyst for change or a haunting testament to a nation consumed by its insatiable thirst for alcohol.

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