Cartels Target Finance Secretary Guvamatanga


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DT Correspondent

DISGRUNTLED tenderpreneurs and cartels are baying for treasury secretary George Guvamatanga’s blood for closing leaking taps at the Ministry which has put the malcontents out of business.

Guvamatanga’s hard stance as a banker by profession and strict insistence on professional conduct has made him unpopular with the cartels benefiting from the Ministry’s loose systems over the years which saw millions of dollars being siphoned through unfulfilled tenders.

Sources in the Finance Ministry said Guvamatanga has managed to stop all evil activities in the Ministry, making him a target of malcontents bent on soiling his reputation.

“He is being attacked day and night by cartels who were destroying the economy. They are very angry with him for putting a stop to their unscrupulous activities,” said the source.

“Remember, Guvamatanga is a man of no-nonsense. They wanted to manipulate him but he just refused to be used.

“They are trying everything, but Guvamatanga wants to make sure that the current stability remains. The introduction of ZIG is now a success story because of him. He closed all loopholes which were used to milk money from the government.”

The source said Guvamatanga recently refused to release money after a certain company presented a quotation with inflated prices.

“He is treating people without fear or favour. He is following the right processes for money to be released and by so doing he has made more enemies than friends,” the source added

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