Businessman’s Nightmare as Sinister Massage Therapist Unleashes Reign of Terror, Demanding Thousands in Extortion


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…Shocking Revelations of Betrayal and False Accusations Shake Harare!

DT Correspondent

In a spine-chilling turn of events, Mark Anthony Naidoo, a prominent Harare businessman, finds himself trapped in a web of deceit spun by none other than a self-proclaimed therapist, Behaviour Makumbira.

Initially, Makumbira was compensated for her professional services and transportation expenses as per their agreement.

However, little did Naidoo know that he was about to become a victim of a diabolical extortion scheme.

The nightmare began on April 4th when Naidoo received a menacing WhatsApp message from Marshall Ngandu, who cunningly posed as a police officer from Harare Central Police Station.

Unbeknownst to Naidoo, this was the start of a nightmarish ordeal orchestrated by Makumbira.

Upon arriving at the designated location, Naidoo was greeted by Ngandu, who escorted him into a dimly lit office.

There, a tattered, handwritten paper was thrust into Naidoo’s hands, accusing him of a heinous crime – rape, supposedly committed by none other than Behaviour Makumbira herself.

“Ngandu told Naidoo to go into the next room at Harare Central. When Naidoo went into that room he found one Behaviour Makumbira whereby she demanded more money for her services and threatened jail if not paid,” according to Naidoo recollection of events.

Dumbfounded and desperate for answers, Naidoo sought clarification from Ngandu, only to be coerced into a neighboring room where Makumbira awaited.

It was there that the true nature of her wicked plot was exposed.

With threats of imprisonment looming over him, Naidoo was coerced into surrendering more money to the conniving Makumbira.

As the extortion demands escalated, Naidoo valiantly collected evidence of the heinous plot against him and reported the harrowing ordeal to the authorities.

Ngandu, complicit in the wicked scheme, now faces extortion charges.

Yet, the story takes an even more shocking turn as Makumbira, the mastermind behind this reign of terror, remains elusive and evading justice.

As this shocking scandal unfolds, Harare is trembling in disbelief.

Will justice prevail? Will Mark Anthony Naidoo find respite from this living nightmare?

The world awaits the explosive resolution to this chilling tale of manipulation and extortion.

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