Business Brilliance Unleashed: The Venon Chamba Business Seminar Empowers Executives


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DT Correspondent

Harare – A highly anticipated business seminar held at Batanai Gardens on Friday saw renowned business leader Dr Nigel Chanakira deliver a wealth of knowledge and insights to an over-subscribed audience.

The event, known as the Venon Chamba Business Seminar, proved to be a gathering of eager business executives seeking valuable advice on achieving success in the business world.

During his captivating presentation, Dr Chanakira shared three crucial Bible verses that shed light on the topic of money.

He referred to Luke 19:11-27, a parable about money or talents, and Matthew 25:14-30, emphasizing the importance of utilizing one’s resources wisely.

Additionally, he drew inspiration from Genesis 1 and Psalm 82:6 to highlight the significance of God-fearing servants in the realm of business.

Dr Chanakira delved into the intricate workings of God’s creation, emphasizing how a compelling vision can attract financial prosperity.

“When I walk with God, I walk with light so the best time to strike business is when there is darkness and confusion in the land.

“Everything works in God’s creation and everything is a wonder. I’m a god!” he exclaimed.

He encouraged business executives to conduct thorough research and study the approaches employed by successful individuals who have made a significant impact in the business world.

“Do research about how many movers and shakers are there in my field of influence (writing, publishing, speaking, coaching and pastoral) The mathematics of money grow exponentially.

“Study more and understand it in order to avoid poverty, average means best of the worst and worst of the best,” he said.

He also emphasised the importance of acknowledging God in financial matters.

He shared a personal anecdote about dedicating his first million dollars to the church, underlining the principle of giving back and recognizing the role of faith and gratitude in achieving financial success.

The esteemed speaker also outlined the “12 rules of money” to guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

These rules included concepts such as paying oneself first, after tithing, saving for a rainy day, living below one’s means, investing 10 percent of earnings, and ensuring the avoidance of financial losses.

He stressed the significance of budgeting, tracking money-related issues, and managing them effectively.

Additionally, he advised against depleting savings to indulge personal desires, instead encouraging the practice of rewarding oneself after reaching specific goals and targets.

Dr Chanakira’s insightful presentation left a lasting impact on the attendees, who were inspired by his practical wisdom and spiritual guidance.

The Venon Chamba Business Seminar proved to be a valuable platform for business executives to gain valuable knowledge and strategies for achieving success in their respective endeavors.

Pastor Venon Chamba, who was the host of the event, believes that young people can be world leaders without limitations.

He said there is a need to provide a sustainable gateway between faith, protection, and fortune-building among the young business people.

“Our vision is to be on the forefront of bringing more people to Christ, grooming and making crystal clear the potential of young people so that they lead in life and enterprise.

“Business needs to learn from someone who has already reached the destination, people with adequate knowledge, skills, and experience and know-how,” he said.

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