‘Break Forth! Break Out!’ A Gem Which Offers Solutions to Every-Day Challenges


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CLARICE Mhoya, a purpose-inspired collaborative leader, strategic thinker, mentor, trainer and transformational certified life and leadership coach, released her debut book titled Break Forth! Break Out!

This gem is about breaking forth into your God-given destiny and breaking out of limiting mindsets. 

In an interview with the Digital Telegraph, Clarice said her mandate is to ensure that the totality of a person intellectually, spiritually, and practically, is positively impacted.

She believes that a lot of the problems society is facing today are due to the fact that many people have not yet been fully awakened to their God given purpose.

When one is confidently walking in their destiny, they don’t blame shift. They don’t make excuses and are willing to go the extra mile.

The book clearly shows you how you can do this.

A specialist in developing purpose-inspired leaders and emerging leaders with transformed, game changing, trail blazing and legacy building mindsets, the author said the book is inspired by the life of the prophet Jeremiah. 

“This book is premised around the earlier part of the story of Jeremiah. The story of Jeremiah is one of identity and empowerment. It is a story that I believe every person should understand,” Mhoya said.

She finished off the interview with an encouragement to people.

“As you can see, I was an average girl from an average family. I really believe we are living in an era where increasingly we will see seemingly ordinary people do the extraordinary. Through people who are not well known, God will also show His glory. Be one of those people. Tell your story. Don’t be ashamed. Your story could break a limiting mindset off someone”.

Written in simple and easy to understand language, the author also takes the readers through her life experiences.

She offers counselling, career guidance and other practical solutions to everyday challenges. 

The book also has a bonus section titled “25 Limiting Mindsets You Need to Discard to Break Forth! And Break Out!”  

Clarice did her tertiary education at the University of Zimbabwe, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom and also studied Leadership and Practical Ministry at Charis Bible College, Zimbabwe.

She carries 25 years’ overall experience in Leadership Development, Business Development Management, Marketing, Brand Management and Events Management, Advertising, Media, and Training and Development locally and internationally. Clarice has founded Dominion Global Consulting and Beauty Incorporated. 

She has hosted Leadership Mindset Shifting Conversations in partnership with Legacy Building Leaders and has also won two best practice awards to date She lives in Harare, Zimbabwe with her family.

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